Urban Planning & Design

Designing at the urban scale is a complex undertaking, whether it involves a masterplan for a city, a regeneration scheme for a neighborhood, or planning a new public transport system. In this era of unprecedented social, technological, and environmental change, our approach anticipates the evolutionary changes and rapid transformations shaping our urban environments. The places we help to shape are built not only to last but to grow as your community grows. Whether a project requires strategic planning at a national or city-scale, or master planning at the district or local-scale, our approach ensures that the design can adapt to environmental, demographic and technological change. Working in tandem with developers and policymakers we deliver a roadmap towards a more sustainable future.

Sustainable master planning
allows us to delve into the very
inner workings of a community
to ensure it can efficiently support
future generations.

We also deliver public realm strategies, town Centre regeneration initiatives, wayfinding and connectivity studies, and streetscape design, as well as cultural master planning, cultural planning and the evaluation of urban design schemes.

Projects integrate
Advice and Design

With the global population expanding at an unprecedented rate, the demands placed on communities are also greater than ever. Without a strong blueprint for sustainable operations, a community can switch from being a harmonious environment to a place that places stress on its inhabitants and economy. Typical projects integrate advice and design, and range from strategic design and site-specific master planning, to Design and Access Statements, Building for Life Assessments, Urban Design Risk Assessments, and Expert Evidence for Public Inquiries and Hearings.


  • Urban Spatial Planning, Design and Analysis
  • Urban Design Risk Assessments
  • Mobility
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Community Development and Revitalization
  • Futureproofing and Climate Change Resistance
  • Alternative Transport Assessments
  • wayfinding and connectivity studies